Friday, May 28, 2010

A Heritage Home

This is a new post on HM Blog that is amazing!  I adore Heidi and her idea's and it's SO much fun to get a tour of her home to see how she creates and displays "Heritage" in her home.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

End of May!? - ALREADY!!

I can't believe it's almost gone!  Seriously!  Where did the time go!?  Well, since time is moving forward it's a good think I am too! :o)  YEAH Summer!! (if the snow will stop!)

SO, Check out this WAY cute new project I just did.  Since I've been scanning all the kids photos I wanted to do something that showed all of their one week old photos.  AND THEN, a good friend shared this quote with me!  I knew what I had to do!  I'm SO excited to get this!!!  :o)

So here it is... AND wouldn't you know, the fathers day sale HAS this canvas size on sale!!  LOVE IT! 

To see more get sales, specials, and opportunities before they wisk away in a blink of an eye... click the links! :o)
FATHERS DAY Special - Ends MAY 27th (in 2 days!) - Such a fun idea for dad - Check out this cute dad canvas template!
May POM - Ends May 31st - Prices SO low I have no idea when we'll see this again!
May Host Rewards - Ends May 31st
New Consultant Kit Special - Ends May 31st
Premier Special - Limited time offer. *Save 25% on ANY product purchased with your Club Premier!!  And for a BONUS, if you purchase over $150 in sales you'll qualify for Host rewards!!  Ask me for details!!  :o)
Start your own Heritage Makers Business. BUSINESS Flyer Promotion - SAVE $25 -$50!

Be sure to contact me to get your special pricing before it's gone! :o)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Graduation Annoucement

Okie... So I'm up late on a digi crop night and "BRAIN FREEZE"!  So all you creative people with MUCH better writting skills -  Please proof and advise.



For a closer look:


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books for Business - Part II !!

So we've done this before, but it's just to good to not do again! :O)

Last week I was able to participate at an Openhouse for WEB - Women Entrepreneurs for Business, in Utah County.  It was SO much fun to get to know more about these phenomenal women and the businesses.  It was a great turn out and LOTS of Fun.
So for my business display I decided to go with a business theme to fit the setting.  

Many business owners are looking for new, innovative ways to spotlight, showcase, and market their business to prospective clients, current clients, and others.   And luckily I have the opportunity to help ANY Business Owner showcase their business the way THEY want! :o)

For Example:
Gomm Stain Glass 
Presented in a beautiful 12x12 Hard Bound Album - customized to fit owner's style!

Utah Celebrations Catering
Show in classic 5x7 swatchbook, convienently carried in purse, or suit 
~ of course, it's customized!

Please join me for a special Studio Demo to see how YOU can showcase YOUR Business!

Contact me for dates and times that best suit your schedule. :O) 

Monday, May 10, 2010

SLC Digi Crop - May 15th!

It’s Digicrop Time!

Come see what it means to create a heritage home and learn how easy it is. I don’t want to just tell you about Heritage Makers storybooking and d├ęcor projects; I want you to come enjoy a time to create and learn of new project ideas.

This Saturday- May 15th
*12 noon to 4 pm*
Angie's House~ 467 East Foxstone Cove (12475 South) Draper

WHAT do I need to know?
The cost is $10.00 per person. Light snacks will be served.
You will need to bring a Laptop.

Get off the freeway on 12300 south and go East
At 300 East, turn right
At the four-way stop, turn left
At 520 East, turn right (this is my neighborhood)
Take your first right... we are at the bottom of the circle on the right.
Call if you get lost! :) 801.541.0022 Thanks again!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In my 3 years of being a Consultant for this FANTASTIC Company, I have NEVER seen special Pricing like THIS!!


Lets break it down:

POM Special for anyone -
  1. 2 - 8x8 books for $79 = $39.50 per book - Awesome DEAL, I've done this in last 3 yrs!
  2. 2 - 11.5x8.5 books for $103 = $51.50 per book - Cheapest I've EVER seen in 3 years!!
  3. 2 - 12x12 books for $117 = $58.50 per book - WOW, haven't EVER seen that either!
PREMIER Members POM Pricing:
(a premier member is one who has purchased 1yr premier membership for only $99)
  1. 2 - 8x8 books for $64 = ONLY $32 per book - Say WHAT!?
  2. 2 - 11.5x8.5 books for $88 = ONLY $44 per book - Seriously!?!?!
  3. 2 - 12x12 books for $102 = ONLY $51 per book - Someone pinch me - I MUST be Dreaming!!! 
These UNHEARD of storybook pricing will only last til May 31st.  If you're thinking of doing ANY Projects with in this next year - 2 years - YOU DON"T Want To miss this special!!

Wedding Books
Family Yearbooks
Childhood Stories
Family History
Graduation Albums

And the list goes on! Call me TODAY to get your books - and yes, they are UNLIMITED!!! :o)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


This past week I went to visit Alan and Tiffany.  ADORABLE Family - and they have the CUTEST set of Girl twins with the PRETTIEST Blues eyes!!  :O)

As we were visiting, I showed them Jaden's album that I converted digitally... Many have seen it, and per Kari V.'s request here is a picture. :o)
Left Side is the Digital Book - Right Side is actual book.
My mom made this 8.5x11, 3 ring covered album for Jaden's 1st birthday.

As Alan was marveling over the thickness of the orginal scrapbook compared to the digital book - shown here:
He said, "I'd like to see you make each one of those for all 6 of you kids."    So i had to clarify... make a tradional or digital... And guess what Alan said! "TRADIONAL"!?!?  AHHHHHHHH you've got to be joking!! - I told him I actually orginally planned to do this for all my kids and even got to Teryn's 6 months in a binder, but then life happened!  :O)

SO here is my proclamation to ALL!!  I WILL Complete ALL 6 kids first year books BY the end of this year... DIGITALLY!!  Sorry Alan, once I went digital I just CAN"T go back!!  LoL

There are 139 pages in Jaden's tradional scrapbook and thanks to the wonderful world of technology I  was able to scan and digitize the pages and put them into a long lasting 99 page Digital album - page per page! :O)

I just can't imagine storing something this bulky and big when I can have THIS instead!! :O)
To see Jaden's Digitized Scrapbook, Click on this link - or copy and paste it to your browser! :o)

So now you ALL have to hold me to this, I'm GOING to accomplish this by the end of the year!! :o)