Monday, January 18, 2010

Dad's Christmas Gift!

This project was VERY important for me to finish for my dad this year. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and even planned to have it done for Christmas last year, but that didn't happen.

My dad suffers from strokes and is always saying how soon he's going to die, and that he doesn't think he'll last long after Christmas 2009.  I HATE that he does that!!  And THEN, this fall, we learned that his eye sight is failing and he had actually gone blind in his left eye!  His left eyeball is actually deteriorating and he needed to have a surgery where they insert this gel in the back of his eyeball to fill the hole that has formed.  He would only get 70% of his eyesight back.  So my urgency to finish his book increased like MAD!

My friend actually made this heritage book and I knew it'd be perfect for my dad, so I asked her to transfer it to me so I could use it and she did.  I'm SO excited how it turned out!!  The only problem, is my dad stopped writing in his journal!!  So I went ahead and published what I had for him to see it.

I worked on this til the last possible minute and didn't get it in the mail until the dad AFTER Christmas when mom and dad went home!! So I mailed it to him.  He was SO excited to get this. And my mom too, and they want to complete his story and publish it again!!  I'm SO thrilled that he loved his book and I can't wait to finish the rest of his story!

3rd Grade Christmas Projects!

I ran into Teryn's teacher while I was at Walmart and he looked in our cart and asked, "What fun, exciting projects are you guys creating?!"  I had craft boxes, foam brushes, and modge podge glue!  I explained to him that I was a Heritage Makers consultant and the project that I made using those items for Marin and brides.  He instantly loved the idea and wanted to do it as Christmas gifts for his students parents.

So, here are the pictures he took of us doing their class Christmas Project! 

Jasmine's Box - Teryn  is in the background, helping as my assistant!

Working on the projects! :o)

Having Fun!

We did 25 projects in 45 minutes!!

This was lots of fun for both me and the kids.  So, how did we do it?  Mr. Rowley - Teryn's Teacher, had the kids fill out a questionnaire of their likes, hobbies, fav food, place etc.  Then he gave me their notes and pictures and then I created their portraits on a 12x12 page.  I could fit 4 students per 12x12 page.

When they were delivered (mailed to me) I pre-cut them out and saved the scraps for kids to modge podge to the sides of their boxes, and then brought old stickers and other items I had left over from the "Tradional" days, LoL

Total Cost: $2 per box.

It's SOOoo much fun to see kids be creative!!  ;o)