Saturday, October 30, 2010

Save 50% on Publishing Points - TODAY ONLY!

Oh, I LOVE it when I find out awesome ways to SAVE $$ for my clients and I.  Check out how we can get over 400 publishing points for $200.

Here’s how it works: 406 points for $200...
Purchase 2-100 invitation packages 99.95 each (value 179)
so for $200 you get 179 value twice=358 points.  then as a host you get 30pts for the $200 party and 15pts for the hostess gift and 3pts for the 5x7 attendee card. Plus you are eligible for the 1/2 price item!  (Aren't rewards great!?) Totaling your publishing points to $406!  Thats OVER 50% Savings!!

In addition to this amazing deal, you can save additionally when you publish with our Holiday Hits!
Each week get an additional 10% discount by publishing & ordering that item of the week. What's up first week in November?? Among other things, GREETING CARDS! Get your greeting card points NOW & save again by publishing next week!!

Lets Chat TODAY and get you hooked up!! :o)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Great to MISS!!!

Are you ready to do amazing Christmas Cards? Heritage Maker's has the best! They are all on sale until October 31st! Contact me and I can help you have the most beautiful Christmas Cards this year! Help in creating them... FREE!

 But WAIT!  That's not all!  October has MORE exciting options to help you get the best bang for your buck!

With our 3 amazing specials, you're SURE to find what you need:

 Best option in my point of view:

"Gotta Have IT!" Special

3 months of Premier
$150 publishing Points
For only $125!!  You Save $85 with this special and get ALL you need to complete your project!
*Specials expire Oct 31,2010.

 Don't delay, get the perfect package for YOU today!! :o)


ok, I admit I get nervous.  Especially when it comes to public BROADCASTING!!!  I consistantly have to step out of my comfort zone with this business, but it has helped me grow along the way, and best of all it shows my children that if Mommy can do it, they can!  But BROADCASTING!!  AHhhh!!  Well, I knew I had to conquer my fear, so I did it!


At the bridal fair last weekend I was asked to give a quick 3 to 5 minute interview with the beautiful Christine Heathman. She was SO much fun and helped me to feel VERY Relaxed.  It was fun.  To see what she had to say about the bridal fair click here

After my interview I was able to visit with some of the staff from KSTAR Radio and was asked to do another 12 minute interview with Kim Power Stilson.  Kim was AMAZING!  I actually met Kim at the bridal fair and I really enjoyed being interviewed by her the following Thursday after the event.  She and her wonderful co-host were LOTS of fun and helped me feel comfortable. Both Kim and my business's are very GREEN so it was exciting to see the connection we had with each other!

To learn more about this awesome Radio Station and what they do please visit their website.

October Bridal Fair!

I LOVE working at the Bridal Fair!!  It's so much fun to see everyone's excitement about "The BIG Day".  The vendors are awesome, the brides are giddy, and the groom to be... yes, even he, is happy to be!! :o)

As promised here is our SHOW SPECIAL!  

As you can see, you get:
  • 5 Storybook albums
  • a 16x20 GALLERY Wrapped Canvas
  • and MORE
For ONLY $260!!  It's a deal you CAN"T pass up!!

To see amazing Wedding ideas please visit my Template Gallery.  You'll LOVE all you can create and use! :o)
Contact me TODAY ~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cards are ON SALE!!

YEAH!!  I'm SO excited our cards are finally on SALE!  I have been waiting for this and I'm sure you have been too!!!  If you send greetings cards out to friends and family over the holidays or just because, please consider me as your go to vendor! ;o)

Save on quantities of 25, 50, or 100 on both invitations or greeting cards. Invitations/postcards can be purchased for as little as $.99 (reg $1.79) each and greeting cards can be purchased as low as $1.79 (reg $2.95) each.

Special ends Oct 31, 2010. Contact me today!!

It's BACK - 'Gotta Try It' Special

After such as fantastic Premier weekend, Home Office decided to bring back the speical from last month!  It's a Fantastic way to not only get 3 awesome months of premier to get you through the Holiday Gift Making, but also a great way to get your projects published!!  Check it out!!

As you can see their are AMAZING specials for what you get - the best being the 3rd Option -
3 months of Premier
$150 publishing Points
For only $125!!

Special is for Limited time - not sure if that means this week only, or til end of the month, but DON"T Miss IT!

Friday, October 15, 2010

"What can I make in 4 days with Premier!?"

As I have spoke to many people on the phone, I often get this question. "What can I make in just 4 days with Premier!?"

Those who attended my webinar yesterday & Lynda's last night, have seen some of the great things you CAN create in just a few minutes, to 30 minutes to an hour, or even a few hours.  SO I thought I'd post some quick ideas for you! :o)

Christmas book for DAD! 7x5 storybook

To do: just swap out pictures - Time: 30 to 45 minutes - depending if you have your photos uploaded or not.

Holiday Tiles for neighbor, teacher, friend gifts.  12x12 individual page.

To do - NOTHING!!  TIME - Less than 5 min (just transfer, open in editor, & hit publish!)  *when they arrive in mail, cut out and adhere to tile or wooden block!

Simple Gift Tags for ALL Occassions

TO Do - Change text on first card to say FROM YOU!        Time: Less than 5 minutes

Table Cards - Christmas

TO Do - Change names on plate settings        Time: 5 to 10 minutes
 *also available in Thanksgiving too!

Brag book for Grandparents (or yourself) :o) - using a FLIP Book

To do : Swap Photos, names      TIME: 30 min to hour, depending on photo uploads.

Childrens Book -  Tucked in Gabi - 8x8 board book

To do: Swap photos, name   Time: 15 to 20 min, depending on photo uploads

Be sure to watch this evenings online class for MORE great ideas too! :o)
Friday Evening - Oct 15, 2010 6:00 PM MDT

Lynda Angelastro answers your art and design questions.
Click here to register

And as always feel free to contact me or your consultant with questions, or/AND requests to share projects! :o)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Online Class added to FREE Premier Weekend Schedule!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated on the Webinar this evening!

NOW, DUE to popular demand, we have added another "Pre-Class" before Premier starts! Many who participated on the call this evening asked for another pre-class to invite friends to see. I am thrilled for your excitement and would love to meet your request!

Our next class will be tomorrow morning:
Thu, Oct 14, 2010 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM MDT
Register at

And don't forget to also join Lynda tomorrow evening at 7pm MST for her "Kick Off" Class!! :o) Details are noted below.

Again thank you to those who attend our online class tonight, and for those who missed, we hope to see you online tomorrow morning! :o)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Annoucing FREE Premier Weekend!!

 We’re so excited to announce our first Free Premier Weekend! That’s right, from October 14 - 17, you can get full access to a Heritage Makers Premier account, absolutely free.

This is a no-risk opportunity for you to try designing storybooks, canvas prints, greeting cards, playing cards, photo books, and more with over 47,000 pieces of digital art and thousands of pre-designed templates.
Imagine having free reign on a scrapbook store. That’s what it’s like when you use Heritage Makers Premier account. Unlimited creativity and fun is waiting for you! Join us!

Class/Event Schedule:
  • Wednesday Evening - Oct 13th at 9pm MDT. 
    • Topic: Getting ready for FREE Premier!
      Instructor: Karie Sigua  
    • Click here to register.
  • Thursday Evening- Oct 14, 2010 starting at 7pm
    •   7:00 PM MDT
      Topic: Celebrate FREE Premier Weekend & Explore October's Art

      Instructor: Lynda Angelastro and Tanja Rigby
      Studio Product Manager Lynda Angelastro and Creative Marketing Assistant Tanja Rigby celebrate FREE Premier Weekend by showing fabulous tips and tricks with the October art collections.
      Click here to register 
    • Live Digi Crop at 9pm at my home.*Bring your Laptop!! *I'm in Orem - email me for Address.
  • Friday Evening - Oct 15, 2010 6:00 PM MDT
    • Topic: Celebrate Our FREE Premier Weekend, Day Two 
    Instructor: Lynda Angelastro
    Studio Product Manager Lynda Angelastro answers your art and design questions.
    Click here to register 
  • Sat, Oct 16, 2010 12:01 PM MDT 
    • Topic: Celebrate FREE Premier Weekend, Day Three, Saturday Show-and-Tell
      Instructor: Lynda Angelastro
      Lynda Angelastro shows off projects you have made during FREE Premier Weekend. To have work considered for the Saturday Show-and-Tell, email project previews to
      Click here to register
Please note that you are not required to have purchased anything in the past, or future, to attend our events.  The events are available for you and others to learn, play and have fun creating your masterpieces!!  HOWEVER, if the projects you see at our classes tickle your creative bone and you not only want to create, but PUBLISH as well, please contact me asap as I can save you save 10% on retail prices, and as a consultant I can also offer you our Pick of the Month Specials and our  Holiday Specials which you can save up to 50% on amazing products when you order though me.  

 Important: All projects created using Premier art during FREE Premier Weekend must be published by Monday, October 18th at 12 noon MDT. After that time you will not be able to edit your projects without a Premier account. Once you’ve published (completed) your project, it can be ordered at any time. To extend your Premier status beyond the free trial period, contact me for the BEST deal! :)

Here’s a sampling of some of the art you’ll find in Premier:

To participate in FREE Premier Weekend, simply log into Studio and click on the “unlock Premier” button. This button will be available from 7:00 p.m. October 14 until noon October 18 MDT.

*Tip - Get ready for your FREE Premier by; 1. choosing a project you'd like to work on, (wedding, baby, heritage, love story, christmas cards, announcement, hanging artwork {posters, canvas}, crafts, neighborhood gifts, gift cards, etc) 2. browse the template gallery, 3. start uploading the photos you'd like to work with, and 4.IF you know what you want, contact me for discounted products so you can publish with savings when ready.