Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Win an 8x8 BOARD BOOK!

As many of you know, and have experienced, our board books are amazing for our little children's hands.  But sadly, you may have heard, we are discontinuing our board books!!  :o( So why am I giving one away?  BECAUSE I Love them and so do MANY of YOU!

At Leadership Conference this past week we learned that the manufacturing company we print our board books through is having problems with the cropping program which is costing the company a lot of money.  HOWEVER, here is the GREAT News - the company told us that in order for us to get the machine to make the board books in house we needed to reach over 30, 000 Club HM Memberships!   So Here is our Targeted Goal:  I need to get 80 - 120 Clubs by July 31st (I am currently at 17) and YOU can help me!  Here is where the FUN comes in:

Sign up for Club HM to help get our Board Book In house!  When you sign up for Club HM,  you will earn a ticket for our prize drawing at the end of the month. Already signed up for Club HM, you can still participate!! - When your friend signs up for Club HM, You earn a ticket! 
Each Month til July 31, (April, May, June, July) I will draw a winner for a prize on the first of the following Month - and for APRIL it will be a BOARD Book!

April - BOARD BooK - Remember, to get your board book before they are discontinued you MUST have your board book STARTED by April 30th, and PUBLISHED by June 30th.

Join my class TONIGHT at 9pm MST - April 26th - for tips and tricks on creating YOUR board book.  Invite your friends and we'll show them how to create using Studio and tell them MORE about Club HM!  To register for class click HERE.  Send your friends this LINK to register for the class and attend with you! -  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/659892985

Have you seen our cute board books?  Visit our Template Gallery for awesome idea's or click these links.

What I learned in Primary
Before you were 5 - Boy
Tucked In
Contest Details Review:
Join Club HM - Get 1 ticket
Get a Friend to Join Club HM - Get 1 ticket

Think of all the possibilities - Not only will we have our amazing board books back, but as a CLUB HM Member you will receive publishing points at wholesale for all your publishing needs (yearbooks, christmas cards, Home Decor, gifts & more), but you will enjoy Digi Booking with your friends, family and a GREAT Community of creative artists, who share amazing ideas and templates with you!!

Tell all you know and let the fun begin!   Contact me today to get you and your friends signed up for Club HM, if you and 3 of your friends or family sign up together you will qualify for Host Rewards!!

Karie Sigua

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Digi Crop Time!

It’s Digicrop Time!

Come see what it means to create a heritage home and learn how easy it is. I don’t want to just tell you about Heritage Makers storybooking and d├ęcor projects; I want you to come enjoy a time to create and learn of new project ideas. Register Today!

Utah Valley Digi-Crop
Saturday, April 9th
5:00-11:00 PM
$10 registration includes dinner, classes, FUN!
Register at www.uvdigicrop.com

For an introduction to our Digi Crop and Studio, join me Thursday evening at my home where we will do a bit of "Simon Says" to get you ahead of the game at the Digi Crop! 9pm (after all the little ones are in bed of course).  Bring your laptop and a treat to share!  Email me for details and confirmation!

See you soon,