Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holidays are HERE! Are you Ready?

It's 14 days til Halloween,  6 weeks to Thanksgiving, and just 7 weeks to Christmas Publishing deadlines!  So much to do with so little time - thanks GOODNESS for quick helps with Heritage Makers Template Gallery!   Here you can find gift ideas, Christmas cards, holiday decor - and so much more!  Check it out!!

Halloween Ideas:

Cute Halloween Rules Published on a 12x8" French line Metal - SO CUTE!
Monster Munch Tags for Class time fun and Tricker Treaters!  Found in Template Gallery

Holiday Cards
Click HERE to see how much you can save with your card order!

AND SO Much MORE - like those super Cute Turkeys for your Thanksgiving Placesetters!!

I hope your Wheels are TURNING!  It's going to be an AWESOME Holiday Season!  Let me know when I can help you get started!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the new Heritage Makers Photo Uploader App!

the new Heritage Makers Photo Uploader App!

The new Heritage Makers Photo Uploader App is up and running!!!  It's a FREE app and is available now for iPhone.  Very soon for Android.  You can now upload photos right to your Heritage Makers account straight from your phone!!!  (Just be sure your phone is set to take highest-quality photos.  And, as always, avoid dark photos.)

Here's a little more info in the new app:

Isn't that so cool?!??  Man I can't wait for Android!!!   :)