Friday, April 16, 2010


So last night at our Digi Crop at my house, I was browsing the Template Gallery and came across some AMAZING Templates for Mothers Day AND Graduation!  Some are in Basic - some are in Premier... So now that I've mentioned Premier I have to share! (side tracked I know, blame my OCD!)  :o)

Most of us are a bit of what is called "Pack Rats"  We have TONS of things that we THINK we need to keep - much of which would be our OLD scrapbooking supplies... Well, ladies - SpRiNg is HERE! And it's time to spring clean your craft rooms - TRUST Me! Your hubby's will LOVE You, AND you will LOVE yourself!  I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to "de-Junk" and SALE all my old stuff!!  It was WONDERFUL to actually walk in and see my desk, work table, and FLOOR!!  LoL - Having all your pictures and supplies organized on your HM Account (not lost on a computer) is InViGoRaTing!!  So clean it up and if your not already started, lets get you going with HM!!

In my template excitement I also found out what HM announced on their Company call last night! HM is holding a special drawing  for ANYONE who purchases $100 from April 15th to the 25th.  I'm SO Excited!!  Check this out!

Pretty Sweet huh!?

Ok, so now that you've see the rewards, check out these awesome books in the template gallery! :o)
 Graduation 12x12 book - I think I want to do this for me for my kids to see my "school" achievements.

Mothers Swatch Book - So I want to do something cool for mom, and last month i thought about a bracelet. which is great for my kids, but then I thought she'd want ALL of her grand kids on it, so I returned to find more inspiration in the gallery and found this - THIS I can do, I have access to all her childhood photos!!  And it's a great tribute to her.

Fathers Swatch Book - THis was RIGHT Next to it and I had to get it too... I Like-y! ;o)

Now of course there are MANY, many more - so feel free to browse and see what YOU like! :o) (Don't forget you can search by key word!) Visit:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heritage Makers Utah Valley Digi Crop!

Dear UVHMUG er's!!

It's Time for our Monthly Digi Crop!  Each month we get together and have a blast working on projects together at the Provo Library.  We have games, classes, prizes, food, and GREAT Company!!

Register and buy tickets NOW to ensure your spot! Seating is Limited!!

Date: April 24th
Time: 12noon to 6pm
Place: Provo Library
Cost: $10 - Pay when your register at

We are excited to see you there and help you finish up your Mothers Day Gifts, Graduation Gifts and more!!
 And don't forget -  If you've text in for our drawing be sure to be there to claim your prize!!

April Bridal Fair

We just did the Provo Bridal Fair this past weekend and it was a blast!  SO of course I had to share some pictures!!  Thank you to Kari Vanderpool for taking them! :o)

Debbie, Karie, and Alina

Karie & Kari  :o)

Now of course we are doing an amazing drawing available to everyone who texts 'Digi Crop' to #77513.  Everyone who texts in will be entered in a drawing to win a personalized 12x12 Tile to display at their Wedding Reception.  The winner will be announced at our Provo Digi-Crop on April 24th!  And you MUST be there to win, so please come and join us for amazing fun! :o)

Text 'Digi Crop' to #77513 to be entered into our drawing.
Register at to attend the event. :o)

Monday, April 5, 2010

For that 'Special' Someone.

I found these 6x6 Tile covers on the Template Gallery and thought they would be perfect mom, sister, and neighbor gifts.
It was SO exciting to get them in the mail I had to quickly put them together.  So how do you put these beauty's together you ask!?  Simple! Publish your 12x12 Template page after you've made any changes to the template you like.  It will arrive like this:
Cut them down to 6x6 and use spray adhesive or modge podge to stick to tile!  Dress up with ribbons if desired.  Cost - Retail - $8.95/6x6 tile - For you to make = Approx $2/6x6 tile *wink

Enjoy the surprise of your 'Special' someone!

Sometimes an Idea Just Has to be Shared!

This idea and post came directly from The Heritage Makers Official Blog. It's so, so, good. Not mine... please note, someone brilliant named Sara posted this idea. I'm just reposting brilliance.
A canvas doesn’t have to be just a canvas. You can easily turn it into another creation—a bulletin board or a magnet board. Instructions for a bulletin board and magnet board are virtually the same. For our purposes (and because I like the idea of a magnet board better—no holes through the canvas), we are going to focus on a magnet board.

Items needed:
  • A Canvas print (created at, if you like the one pictured, you'll find it the Template Gallery)!
  • A magnetic metal sheet 1 1/2 inches smaller than the canvas on all sides
  • Heavy-duty staple gun
  • Duct tape
Create a canvas, any size (I suggest the bigger sizes—not an 8×8 or the 8×20). Put any design and any photographs you want. Then publish and order it. Once your completed canvas arrives, you continue with the next steps.

Place the metal sheet behind the canvas. (You can get a metal sheet from a home improvement store—you may have to cut it down to size—or from a metal supply shop.
Staple the metal sheet into the canvas frame as you would a picture in a picture frame. You’ll want make sure the staples are close enough to the canvas to secure the metal sheet in place, but far enough away so you don’t puncture the canvas.
Optional: instead of stapling the metal sheet into the frame, you can use a strong tape (such as duct or gorilla) to attach the metal to the back of the canvas, as shown below.
Once you’re finished, place the new magnet board on your wall. You now have a decorative and useful addition to your home!

Save 20% on Shipping!

Are you ready for an incredible publishing special? Heritage Makers has a wonderful opportunity for you to save HUGE on your Mother's and Father's Day projects.
From April 1 - April 15 you can get 20% off shipping on any item your publish!* Any item, 20% off your shipping! That's an incredible offer! Get your Mother's Day projects finished, graduation gifts, or any other project you've been waiting to publish done now and take advantage of the savings.
*Sale doesn't apply to direct ship greeting cards.