Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Fun... what do YOU have planned?

Think of it as a to do list you want to do! Eat ice cream, make tye dye shirts and camp! Who wouldn't want to work at crossing stuff off a list like that?

This template is super cute, totally editable and inspired by Family Fun magazine. You can get one too for just $16 and then keep all the memories close to your heart! To view the project as a whole, click the little green FULL SCREEN button above the project.

Girl List:

Boy List:

And of course we would be creating an 8x8 book to track the summer list! :o)  

*If you haven't seen, they are on sale this month!!! :o)

Enjoy, and stay tuned for MORE Fantastic Ideas!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Curing those Summer Time BLUES!!!

HM posted this on their blog - and you all know what we say about a great idea - right - It MUST be SHARED!!! :o)
Wondering what to do with your kids this summer? Are you already tired of hearing, “Mom, I’m so bored!” We’ve got the cure for the Summertime Blues at Heritage Makers! Let your children express their creativity with storybooks, posters, and flip books! And to help mom out, we’ve put some of our best selling products on sale!

Contact me for details about the sale and don't forget to sign up for our events to come and party with other ladies and gents working on their projects! :o)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer has begun!

Well at least it has at our house.  Today was the first day I got outside and did my first mile for the summer!!!  Hopefully it won't be my last! :o)  I had a great cheering squad of 6 members cheering me on as I jogged, walked, jogged, then walked my last lap.  Now of course when we got home the cheering squad shrank from 6 to its single new member - me...

Last week I got some of my summer projects in the mail and today was our first day to try them out!  The kids all stood around the fridge as we put up the chore chart and explained the reward cards.  It actually went a LOT better than I thought it would.  I really didn't have to do TO much "cheering" to get them to do their chores.  In fact I don't think I "cheered" at all - even Dalin was excited to do his chores with his siblings. They were REALLY excited about it.  They loved being able to come and check off their chore and even asked what else they could do.  It was the FIRST time I've EVER not really had to clean the house by myself and had free time to do what I wanted!!  I Loved it!  And of course they all can't wait to draw their reward card to see what they get at the end of the week.

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as great! :o)  Here are the projects:
Chore Chart

Reward Cards

So now, I'm working on another project I brain stormed with my niece Arlynn.  It's sort of like a Bingo game for self grooming and cleaning.  I'm hoping to finish that in the next couple of days so that the kids can start to be independent on that as well.  I'll post when it's complete - I'm excited for the kids to learn! :o)

Enjoy!  :o)