Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Books for Business!!

Oh I was SO excited to get this in the mail today!  I did this project for a new friends catering business and just had to post!

Raise your hand if you think books are just for babies, families and crazy, crafty people with unlimited amounts of time and energy... Ok, that was a lot of hands! Truth be told, full color Storybooks are a great way to market your business and showcase what you do best! How so?

They can use this tool at bridal fairs, consultant meetings, expo events, photo studio's, networking events, super market and in their gorgeous showrooms.

This hardcover, full color book with velvet linen papers comes with 21 pages standard, but can be customized with up to 99 pages easliy and inexpensively. Very professional, this book is guaranteed to impress!

Think of the possibilities for your business...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The PRO's of Digital Scrapbooking - By Jennifer Stratton

So one of my dearest friends posted this on her blog, and I must say I couldn't agree more!!!

"So, you may have noticed my posts have slowed a little and that is becasue I am on VACATION! Hooray for vacations! I wake up daily to the crash of the Pacific ocean and the rich taste of locally grown coffee. It's all good. But before you start to hate me, let me finish my post.

I was a scrapbooking enthusiast for 8 years. Stickers, letters, diecuts, paper. The smell of adhesive made me giddy. I still love to have paint in my cuticles and glue on the tips of my fingers. But let's be honest. I have two active children and I'm pretty active myself. I don't always have the time to get everything out and cover every flat surface just to make a page.
A friend told me about digital scrapbooking and I balked! No THANKS mamn! I don't wanna! Blech.
But she convinced me to just try it... so against my will I did and I will never go back.

Here are the pros of Digital Storybooking:
  • You can do it from your private bungalow in Kauai (or anywhere there is wireless internet!)
  • There is no waste... no stray letter Z's that don't get used, no pictures that you can't bear to toss.
  • There is nothing to store. No disks, no supplies, nothing.
  • It is far less expensive.
  • You can complete books in an hour, rather than a year!
  • You can digi-book while watching a movie with your partner!
I'm telling you, just try it! You can create your free digital account here: Free Digital Storybook Account
If it asks you a question about viewing stuff, click no.
Have a great day! I'm off to sip Mai Tais and visit a vintage lighthouse and take in a luau!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Bridal Fair!!

Another FUN and amazing day with some of the BEST friends and vendors in town AND of course, new friends met!!  You just can't beat the excitement that new engaged couples and their families bring!!

Ok, so I have to show off the new banner Katrina made for me cuz it just is perfect for all my needs and I'm VERY Excited about it!  :o)  Thank you Katrina!!

Booth - I proped up all the tables on the 5 inch bed lifts and they worked out SO much better this time! :o)

Meet Brooke & Joey!
Brooke and her mom came to the last bridal fair and I just feel in love with her pictures and design's I had to ask her and joey to be the NEXT Model in the booth!  LoL.  Luckily she obliged and LOOK how CUTE they are!  LOVE it!  Brooke and Joey had their pictures taken together at her bridals before their wedding then she had her 18x24 poster mounted on this magnet board and it fit perfectly. Great display at her reception too!
Photos by: Kate Peterson - Website:

A new 16x20 Canvas of Matt and Camille - I so had to sneak another canvas of them in since she earned the one of her and Isa. - Thank heavens for the host rewards!!  :o)
Photos by:  Garrett Smith - (sorry gals, he took his website down cuz he got to busy and wants to focus on school!)  I know, I know...GREAT Photos!

We've got a NEW Wedding Trend! Bridal Bouquet Charms!!
Bouquet Courtesy of  Design Divas ~
With over 10 years of experience, Design Divas can offer you a unique range of options for any budget.  Their in-house florists, decorators, graphic artists, and cake specialists can make your event just the way you want.  Melissa (from DESIGN DIVAS) was INCREDIBLE to put together this bouquet the night before to help us promote these beautiful, and personalized charms! This display was a major highlight of the event and we even ran out of their business cards as one of the best florist at the event.  Visit their website for more details and call me to get your Bridal Bouquet Charm!  :o)

Bridal Shower with a Twist!
Food Courtesy of EJ Catering ~
Of course we do Cookbooks! And what a funner place to put a cookbook together than at a bridal shower!?  Everyone creates their favorite dish and brings for everyone to sample at the bridal shower. We put all the recipes together and TaDa!!  The Bride has a New Cookbook with Recipes Tried and TRUE!!  :o)

Ahhh... well, it was a great event and lots of fun to see old vendor friends and make new friends!  In fact, be sure to watch for their links.  You'll LOVE what they have to offer for brides AND Families!  :o)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did you See?

HM has NEW Products!!  Oh, I can't wait to create something fun with these!!

Valentines Day is COMING!!

So Last night it hit me as we were getting ready for Rilans birthday party and jaden asked, "Mom, can we heart attack the house like we did a couple of years ago?" WOW! I can't believe he remembers that, AND that they were all excited to do it! So we got out our hearts, made more, put on our conversations and the house is NOW Heart Attacked!! So Fun to do before V-Day! So now we're all LOVEY DOVEY! Hehehe

AND here is another way to help you "Feel the Love!"

7x5 Storybook- my guy

20x16 Canvas - Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

5x7 Greeting Card - Be Mine

5x5 Storybook - What I love about you - chocolate kisses

Using Templates are a great quick and easy way to show how much you love someone!! Enjoy!
Surprise them with something they'd NEVER Expect!