Saturday, March 13, 2010

Look What I Did!

 Ok, so who doesn't just LOVE the new Canvas Sizes?!  THEY are SO adorable!!  And lets face it, when you can create beatuiful things like THIS who doesn't want a canvas!?


2 - 8x8 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - Only $60

Can't wait to get these in the MAIL!!  :o)

PG Sleep Over!!

Ok, it's really just TOO much fun!  I really do love this group and the people I've meet through this event.  We really do have LOTS of fun!  And yes, I'm tired, but I know if I don't at least get these pictures up, I'll forget!

 Full House!

 Yeah!!  More Digi Bookers!!  :O)

 Our Event Coordinators and Cooks - All in GREEN!

ZUMBA!!  This is SO much fun and has become routine!  LOVE our Morning Zumba! :o)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Before I Was Your Mother...

So I've said it before and I'll say it again!!  I LOVE THIS BOOK!!  I have seen it in 2 of my gals  Starter Kits and I just CAN'T  wait to get started on  one of my own for me and mum!!  :o)  My kids love to hear stories of me as a child, especially the naughty ones! I remember asking my parents these same questions. 
Why do children delight in hearing about us before we were the mothers and fathers? 
Because it gives them a sense of belonging; a history of themselves. It is because of this I am  anxious to start working on this 8x8 storybook. Hardcover for durability and about $50 when all is published and delivered. (Not to mention that an 8x8 album IS the pick of the month product this month and YES if you are a CLUB Premier Member you get a HUGE Discount!)

Think of this. Mother's Day is coming and your children will spend hours working on a  gift for you. Why not spend just a little time making them something too? They can read it while you are off getting a manicure and then talk about it when you meet up for lunch!
Here are some excerpts from the book:

Simple to create, this project is a template in the Template Gallery at You can do this, and I will help.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Follow my Blog and WIN!

As a new month begins, I want to thank you for reading! It has been so fun for me to create projects and share them virtually with the world! Ok, not the world, but one follower at a time. For your benefit, I have been looking at ways to improve your experience here and I wanted to point out some new features to you below AND do a promotion for the month of March!
Since I would like to increase the readership of my business blog, I am doing a promotion! For the first 10 new followers I will give you a 12x12 page credit to create what you like.  In addition, for everyone who becomes a follower in March I will hold a drawing for a free 6x9 Spiral bound book credit. Winners will be (you guessed it) posted on the blog. So please spread the word to your friends!

*Feedback. At the end of each post, you have several options for feedback. You can always post a message, but for the super busy (like myself) sometimes, a click of a button is more what you need. So, now you can offer your opinion with a click! Nifty, yes?

*Heritage Makers Television. Easy to watch video tutorials on all sorts of digital storybooking subjects. How simple am I trying to make it? Pretty darn simple. Take lots of pictures this week, woncha?
*Side Bar - Did you see!?  Many ask who my favorite photographers are.  So COME SEE!!  These photographers all range in different pricing, however, the best is that they ALL offer you the chance to purchase the DVD & Copyrights of your photos!!  Publishing how you want couldn't BE any easier with amazing photographers like these!  
AND, we have Specials! Each month I will post quick and easy links to help you see our specials and promotions at a glance!  If something tickles your fancy, please don't hesitate to ask, I'm here to serve!  :o)
So be sure to check back often for GREAT ideas and inspiration and of course our winners!