Saturday, January 29, 2011


Our new Club HM has been so successful this month and your excitement and enthusiasm have helped us to build this new program quickly. Already we have over 1,000 new members and our Club HM Facebook page is alive with project ideas and fun online contests. Since we believe the Club is the perfect solution for so many people, we'd like to finish off this first month of the program with a real bang!

For the remainder of January we are offering an introductory incentive for Club HM signups--get the first month of the 70 point level for only $40, or the first month of the 150 point level for only $80! Spread the word, share the savings, and get in on this limited time offer! But act quickly. *Note: If you've already purchased your Club membership, don't worry. Simply contact our Solution Center at 1-866-694-3763 to upgrade to the 70 point or 150 point membership for the discounted difference. For those of you who have already purchased the 70 point or 150 point level and paid full price, we will automatically add an additional 15 points for the 70 point level or 25 points for the 150 point level to your account at the end of the month. All Club HM accounts will renew at the regular price after the first month.

Here’s an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up: Through the rest of January you can purchase a full 12-months of Premier access for only $79.95. That’s a 20% discount off our already discounted yearly Premier plan! Let’s be honest—you need the power of Premier in your life. The 4,000 pre-designed templates give you options for every season and occasion imaginable. And 50,000 digital art pieces make dressing up your photos and stories a pure joy. So contact me TODAY and get back on the path of publishing nirvana. It’s just the right thing to do, especially now before the month ends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FREE Premier weekend!

Premier - for FREE!?
You may be asking yourself - "What is Premier?" and "Why would I want it?" 
Well, Imagine walking into a store, where the owner knows your name. They tell you when you walk in, "Oh! We are so glad you are here! Take as much as you want of our 50,000 items to use for the year and we will store it for you!"  Use as much as you want, don't worry about storage.  You have access to all you see and unlimited photo storage! THAT is Premier - and this weekend it is FREE to access and USE!
Lets take a look at the updates Premier has made since Feb 2010!
Premier 2010
Premier 2011
- Insurance for memories
- Unlimited secure, online phto storage brings peace of mind and convenience
- 357 Premier Art Collections (added to every month)
- Over 45,000 pieces of digital art (added to every month)
- 26 Basic Art Collections
- 546 Alphabets
- 52 Fonts
- 21 Categories in Quote Library
- 2,386 Pre-designed Templates (added to every week)
-  Insurance for memories
- Unlimited secure, online photo storage brings peace of mind and convenience
- 693 Premier Art Collections (added to every month)
- Over 50,000 pieces of digital art (added to every month)
 - 72 Basic Art Collections
- 560+ Alphabet Collections
- 52 Fonts
- 21 Categories in Quote Library
- 4,472 Pre-designed Templates (added to every week)

 That is some AMAZING updates!! New, Fresh, and Innovative Art, just for US!!  Premier is $20 a month to access and use. However, this weekend it's FREE!  You can test drive HM Studio with PREMIER before you buy!! :o)

So how can I help you get ready?  Attend our FREE online & Live classes, and user groups (Digi-Crops)!
  • Online Wednesday Night Classes, 9pm - Register at 
  • Thursday Evening - 7pm, Studio Product Manager Lynda Angelastro and Creative Marketing Assistant Tanja Rigby show off a variety of meaningful but easy-to-do projects that can be made in moments.  To register, go to *(FREE Premier Weekend Starts!) 
  • Thursday Night 'Mini' Digi Crop - 9pm, my home in Orem UT. Hands on learning. Contact me for details.
  • User Group Digi Crops - Utah Valley is Jan 29th, 2010 5pm-11pm. Cost $10; bring laptop, and show'n tell project to win fabulous prize! Registration Link:
This weekend's Free Premier weekend  and class events is the perfect opportunity to "try before you buy" anything!  Join me and a host of wonderful people who are dedicated to help inspire your precious memories into masterpieces you and your family can enjoy DAILY!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Savings Throughout the Year

It's a new year, and whether you're collecting the stories from 2010, or looking forward to gathering new stories in 2011, we have a program that is guaranteed to make your heritage making activities easier and more cost effective than ever before with Club HM.

This is a monthly publishing program that is designed to give you an easy and affordable way to complete all those projects you've been looking forward to.  What kind of heritage making will you do this year? A calendar to keep track of your family's busy schedule? Cards to send to family and friends? Or maybe a beautiful wrapped canvas to display in your home?

(click to view larger version)

There are so many choices, and Club HM helps you afford them like never before. Not only will you love all things you can do, but you'll love all the money you can save with Club HM. For as little as $30 a month you’ll receive 40 publishing points, unlimited photo storage, free project upgrades, and free publishing rewards. And you’ll also receive FREE Premier - our top-of-the-line design tools at no extra charge. Now you can celebrate every moment and every story throughout the year for less. You can use Club HM to work on projects every month, or as a layaway to bank your points for bigger projects. There are three different Club HM plans to choose from, so there is sure to be one that meets your needs. You can start saving today.

Think of all the things you’ll do all year long with this new program! 
To find out more, contact me and let me show you all the ways you can save memories and save money with the new Club HM.

*View entire Newsletter 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing Club HM!

I'm so excited to introduce you to a new way of getting your publishing DONE this year! Yes, DONE! With OUT having to wait for the BIG sale, or pay for it all in one lump sum!

Now you can publish LOTS, while paying just a little at a time AND have ALL the benefits of PREMIER!

Check out this clip to see what has all us Heritage Makers buzzing and chirping about to friends, family, clients, ...well, EVERYONE about how they can save 25% - 50% of their publishing points!!

Those of you who understand the value of the premier membership will certainly appreciate getting your premier for FREE and being able to purchase publishing points monthly at a BIG discount instead. I am THRILLED about how affordable publishing with Heritage Makers has become for ALL budgets.

We have changed the way we do business and here is how it works...

Instead of making a large purchase like $99 for a year of premier OR 3 storybooks at a time because they are on sale, we are now offering a monthly membership. It is a monthly plan (without a long term commitment) where you pay, for example:

$30 a month, but you get 40 publishing points and your Premier is FREE!!

**If you are someone who already has Premier because you purchased it earlier in the year, HM will give you $10 extra a month to compensate for that until your premier expires! (great deal!) So that $30, would actually be 50 Publishing Points

When considering this program. Think about what you will make in 2011:

Holiday cards
Family albums
Children's albums
Valentines Day cards/books
School projects
Invitations or announcements
Father's Day or Mother's Day projects
Vacation books
Halloween decor or cards
Family canvases
home decor
kids sports books/projects

The Benefits of Club HM:
  • Savings of up to 50%
  • Convenient monthly point plan
  • Free Premier
  • Access to Premier art and templates
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Opportunity to purchase 100 extra points for only $50 at signup
  • Project ideas and publishing tips from the Club community

1. 40 publishing points and FREE Premier for $30 a month
So after 3 months, you'll have 120 publishing points for $90 and FREE Premier those 3 months.

2. 70 publishing points and FREE Premier for $50 a month
So after 3 months, you'll have 210 publishing points for $150 and FREE Premier those 3 months.

3. 150 publishing points for $100 a month
So after 3 months, you'll have 450 publishing points for $300 and FREE Premier those 3 months.

BONUS!!!! When you sign up for Club, you can purchase 100 publishing points for just $50 - Thats a 50% SAVINGS!!

In order to receive the benefits of club pricing, members must agree to a 3-month commitment. After the first 3 months Club members will automatically renew each month, on a month to month basis, but you can then cancel the renewal anytime online in your account OR change your options - moving up and down as needed.

Please take a look at the plans on the Flyer and let me know which one is best for you!!
Or click link for Flyer!

These new payment plans are ideal for all families as we try our best to keep our money where it counts.  Our Economy is hurting, but we don't have to. You get GREAT Savings (25% - 50% discounts) use of Premier, and family treasures you entire family can enjoy!

I am currently doing my yearly Customer Service Calls, and look forward to talking to you more about your holidays, projects, & Club HM! But, don't wait for my call, if you're interested or have questions give me a "hala" :o)

Know others who could also benefit from this program?  Get 5 people to join you and you've got a workshop party giving you FREE HOSTESS Gifts!!  That's right, just share and earn FREE Rewards without the party!  You've published and you KNOW the joy that comes from the products, so SHARE!! (*If you haven't published, now is the time!)  Contact me for details on your WORKSHOP Rewards!!

I look forward to helping you publish all your projects in 2011!!!

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

We're back on schedule!!

We're back on schedule and classes and events are ON! Time to get those Holiday photo's ready to show off!! :o)

Online Wednesday Classes - Beginning January 5th! Register at

Thursday Night Mini Digi Crops - Starting back up in January 6th!! They are at 9pm, my home in Orem UT. Contact me for details.

Digi Crops - Each Month:
Utah Valley Digi Crop is THIS Saturday, Jan 8th, 2010 5pm-11pm. Cost $10; bring laptop, and show'n tell project to win fabulous prize! To register just go to and click on "Event Registration". If you registered for December's digi crop we will move your registration to January.

Can't wait to see you there!