Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Matching MADNESS!!


I have a GOAL! This year is mine and Randy's 15 yr anniversary! :o) So Excited! So to celebrate, we'd like to spend a week in JAPAN... Fun Huh! Well, in order for this to become a reality I need to achieve my next Rank Advancement in Heritage Makers and I'm planning to SHARE the rewards with those who help me achieve this Goal! Here's how: "MARCH MATCHING MADNESS" - Get your Club HM Points "MATCHED" for 1 month BY:

*Signing up as a NEW Club HM Member by MARCH 25th for your first month! Already a member?
*Sign up YOUR FRIEND as A New CLUB by MARCH 25th (best way to Digi - with Friends you love to hang with!!)!
*Becoming a Consultant by March 25th! - Do you LOVE showing your HM Projects? Do your friends and family LOVE looking? Do they ask you to show them how to create? Then HM is the business for you and I'd love to have you on my team!! When you sign up as a consultant I will MATCH your price in Publishing POINTS from $50 to $150!!

Rewards can be had by ALL and I'm so nervous about what can be achieved! Its really scary to just sent this out there, but even more exciting that I will actually get a vacation ALONE (without my 6 monkey's - who by some miracle have a wonderful volunteer sitter for the week we plan to go!) with JUST my MAN!! Ohh the possibilities!

Thank you everyone for your amazing business and friendships. I love getting to work with you all on your projects and getting to know you and your families better. I can't wait to see what this "challenge" brings for us all - I'm sure we'll see some AWESOME new Projects created for SURE! Thanks again!

Me! :o) (Karie)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teachers Inspire!

It's about that time of year when we become aware of how much our teachers are really doing for our children.  We see how teachers influence our children day by day and how it enhances their knowledge.  So what can we do to show our teachers how much we really appreciate all they do to help our children grow?  We give them something they will always remember and treasure!

Here are some fun gifts for your child's Teacher!
*6x6 Inspirational Word Tile
* Parent/Teacher Conference Time Clock w/"now serving" apples
*Teachers Treat Bucket - for when they need that extra boost
* 4x4 - Room Mom appreciation Tile

Other fun ideas - 
A 2012-2013 Calendar filled with photos from class -
A Class Yearbook Magazine -
Teachers Pyramid of Memories - (my favorite , Fill with Treats!) -

Watch for more fun ways to show your teacher how much you appreciate all they do!  :o)