Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gift Idea's in 10 Minutes!!

I can't believe that November has flown by SO Fast!!  Here it is... Thanksgiving Eve and I'm just finishing up the last touches on prep work for dinner tomorrow!  WOW, Time Flys!  And then we're off to CHRISTMAS!!  Ekkk....Well, in all this rush DON"T Worry!  We've got some FANTASTIC Gift Ideas to help out your busiest time of year!!

10 Heritage Makers Projects in 10 Minutes or Less

Our favorite gifts and templates to show you ways to stuff all the stockings this year.
  1. Set of Holiday Tiles                  Time = 1 minute

Holiday tiles are such a fun and simple gift! Go to the Heritage Makers template gallery, search for 12×12 pages, and you’ll find an abundance of fabulous designs. Simply load one of the “tile” templates into Studio, save, and print. It’s that easy.
After you print your 12×12 scrap page, trim to fit a 6×6 tile, mod podge in place, and you’re done. If you want, you can even tie a ribbon around the tiles for a fun gift. Give one tile or a set of 4!
To see a preview of the tiles, go here.

  1. Greeting Cards                         Time = 5 minutes

No kidding, you can make your greeting cards this year in only 5 minutes! Send a beautiful, customized greeting card AND let Heritage Makers ship it for you. Simply select “direct ship” and we’ll take care of the rest.
Want to see a beautiful card made with a FREE Basic account? Click here.

  1. Gallery-wrapped Canvas          Time = 4 minutes

Create a gorgeous gallery-wrapped canvas. Canvases, in three different sizes, look great on every wall on your home.
This beautiful 20×20 canvas was made with a FREE Basic account? See it here.

  1. Deck of Playing Cards Time = 10 minutes

When you use page manager in Studio, a fun family game can be made in just 10 minutes! You’ll spend a lot of time with your family from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day…why not make that time fun with a unique game! Try Go Fish, “Scum,” or a unique family trivia game.
Here’s a fun “Go Fish” game for a child. Check it out here.

          5. Family Fold                                Time = 5 minute

Another 5-minute greeting card, with a twist! This 3-panel family fold makes for a fun and unique greeting card that can be displaying on a desk, in a bedroom, or hanging on the wall.
Check out the family fold here.

     6. Joy Journal                                 Time = 2 minutes
Don’t believe you can make a journal in just 2 minutes? It’s entirely possible with this darling joy journal template. Take time everyday to remember the joy and happiness in life. Sounds like a great New Year’s resolution!
See the joy journal here.

          7. 11 x 16 calendar             Time = 10 minutes

Try out the new Heritage Makers calendar size. Keep track of your family dates, birthdays, and special occasions. Talk about a great gift for grandma and Aunt Sue!
See the family calendar here.

          8. 12×12 scrap page                       Time = 3 minutes
Share your Hanukkah traditions with this scrap page dedicated to the Festival of Lights. This scrap page makes for a wonderful addition to your holiday d├ęcor, or can be saved for the scrap book later on. Add your family photos for more personalization.
To see the Festival of Lights scrap page, go here.

          9. Clock                                         Time = 4 minutes

Never be late again with this creative clock. This project is a simple twist on the traditional 12×12 scrap page. All you need is a clock face, this darling template, and you’re done! See the clock here.

         10. 6-photo Bracelet                      Time = 5 minutes

Take your loved with you everywhere you go with a stylish 6-photo bracelet. Time from start to finish? 5 minutes! The 6-photo bracelet makes a fabulous holiday gift.
Check out the bracelet here.

          11. From Shoebox To DVD                  Time = 0 minutes

Bonus gift for you! Do you have photos in a box needing to be preserved? Wouldn't your family(parents, sisters, brothers) be thrilled to have all of the childhood photos on a disc? I can help! You don’t have to hit the publish button to get in on this awesome product. With my services I can scan 500 photos in an hour and have your photos back to you with in 24 hours! Ask me for details!

To see more fabulous templates, check out the Heritage Makers template gallery.
Now you’ve got all of your Heritage Makers gifts under control…without sacrificing your time! Take a few minutes to browse the Heritage Makers template gallery to find fantastic gifts for all of your holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oct 09 Digi Crop

We have the MOST amazing and dedicated consultants, clients, and HERITAGE MAKERS!! We've just started up a new support group, Thanks to Debbie Rassmussen, where ANYONE can come and get help on their projects!!

This event is a "SALE FREE" Zone - there is absolutely, no selling or booking workshops allowed. Just friendly Studio users to help customers, clients, friends, consultants, HM Employees - ANYONE, get their projects started, dressed up, and published!

It was SO much Fun! Check it out!

Ohhh... I forgot to put in our food table! haha... our Goblin head cheese ball was yummy!! :o)

November Digi-Crop-"Be Grateful for Your Memories!"
Saturday, November 21st
Time: 3-9 pm
Location: Provo City Library Room #201
Open House Style, come anytime!! Be sure to bring your laptop!
Cost: $10 a person
FOOD, FUN, Games and PRIZES, and so much more!!
Consultants on hand to help and share!

Get your projects done for Christmas!!

To register, please click on the link below:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heritage Makers Home Decor Ideas

Here are some fun ideas of things you can do with Heritage Makers.  I just took these from around the house really quick.  I have, more but I can't give away what you may be getting for Christmas... Right?  LoL


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been able to meet the most amazing people at the events Heritage Makers has, and the events I do to represent Heritage Makers.  It's been a lot of fun!! 

This is the Heber House Scrapbooking Retreat.  I took our scanner up there and offered scanning services to those who wanted to digitize their photos before they put them in a book - we then surprisingly turned a few of these traditional scrapbookers into digibooker freak's!!    LoL.  But it was SO much fun!

 We only had 4 laptops for 23 people - needless to say the owners hogged their computers to digi book!
Ahhh the good ole day's... SEE YA!!


we're a bit wild...

ok, we were REALLY WILD!  That was SO much FUN!! and the Home office did an amazing job!  I've never been to such a fantastic event with so many AMAZING People!!!

I can't wait til the next convention with MORE of my favorite people by my side!!  :o)

Pleasant Grove Retreat
This event is held at the PG Rec Center quarterly and Wendy Robinson is the coordinator and she does an amazing JOB!!  now, if we can just get wi-fi!!... :o)

Make'n Take Sign ups at the PG Retreat! - Magnet Boards.

And oh, so Many More - Ohhh I'll have to post the Digi Crop!!  That was so Fun!!  But Time to run, so Later Gator's!!  :o)

Starting out

So I started my Heritage Makers ride Dec of 2007.  For an entire YEAR I let it idle.  Just sit, and idle.  I create 2 albums - one for my Parents on their mission, and one for Ima's 80th Birthday.  I knew that I LOVED the concept and the idea behind Heritage Makers so I signed up as a business consultant but I just couldn't do it with everything else going on in my life at that time.

In Oct/Nov of 08 I  decided it was time to start doing something - anything.  So I told a few people about it. One person being Jennifer Stratton!  Now Jen is Miss. CREATIVE!!  VERY crafty, passionate, and JENERGISTIC!  (yes, I made up that word)  Even though she is very "hands On" crafty,  I knew if I could share the Heritage Makers spirit with her she'd be hooked. BUT you have to be VERY delicate about these things...So, to make a long story short Jennifer became a Heritage Maker and together we embarked on a NEW Adventure!! 

I did my VERY first Booth and Ohhh it was SOoo sad.  I didn't have a banner and so I painted one!  So, so sad... well,  you'll get the idea in this picture.

Scary huh!
Don't worry, it slowly got better as I got back into the swing of doing events.....

The Business Expo - again we're slowing getting back into this...

Ohhh I got my Biz Card!  That was exciting and fun to create! - I got that at Office Max!  :o) I got to design the front and the back of the card - Hmmm I need to order more!!

Lets see, I've been doing a few events -

Ohhh  This is the baby contest booth - tons of FUN!  I did it with Alina and borrowed lots of cute baby projects from Heidi Arave! Heidi's cute little baby girl is that big framed poster in the middle of display.  See I'm slowly improving and getting the hang of being back in the biz world... LoL
Both Alina and Heidi are AMAZING Designers and have adorable projects in the Template Gallery.  You can search their names to see their projects.

I GOT MY BANNER!  Yeah!  I had to show this pic - it really goes under events but I was SO excited to show it.  Katrina (my niece) designed this banner for me so I had an official banner to hang up at my events.  Isn't it awesome!  She did a FANTASTIC Job!  :o)

This is my latest booth - the Bridal Fair.  That was lots of fun but HARD Work.  I ran this booth by myself and quickly learned that was a mistake!!  There wasn't enough of me to go around and answer all the questions. But hopefully I've answered them all by now, if not please feel free to contact me!  :o)

I've done a few more, but this should give you an idea of where I started and where I'm at now.  Heritage Makers is amazing and I LOVE It!  If you haven't checked them out recently, I invite you to come and take a look!  It's SO exciting.  They are new, and growing and its the perfect time and place to become a new consultant with HM. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's Get this Party Started!!

So this blog is thanks to Heidi Arave!  She inspired me to do more!  Thanks Heidi!!  SO, this blog is dedicated to my Heritage Makers business and a place where I can shout out about the excitement that Heritage Makers brings to me, friends, family, clients, New FRIENDS, and anyone else out there that just wants to take a peek. 

There are LOTS of amazing and exciting things happening and I can't WAIT to share them with YOU.  And, if I'm lucky - I hope many of you will join me for the ride!  :o)

Hugs to all - Here we GO!