Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Magic - Gift Giving Moments...

I love reading and re-reading all of the christmas cards, newsletters, and emails that we got this year.   Such fun to see how well everyone is doing.  Thank you for sending them.  We treasure the many friendships we've made.

I've had the opportunity to hear some amazing "Holiday Magic" stories from many of you about your own family Christmas's. Thank you for sharing them with me, and I look forward to hearing more.  Please send them to me, and if you're willing to share, I'd love to post them here on the blog too.  Here are some of our special Holiday Magic Moments.

This Christmas was a bitter sweet one for us.  Earlier this year Randy's mom past away unexpectedly. It was really hard to celebrate the holidays with out her, however, it was nice to feel her spirit with us.  I didn't know what to get my Sisters for their gifts, but then a dear friend shared this Template with me and I knew this was for them.  Everything was great as I passed out their gifts during our Family Dinner, it was when they started to read it that the water works began.

The poem that Mary shared with me really fit the circumstances of the family.  Thank you so much Mary for sharing this with me to share with my family!

Another Holiday Magic Moment was when Teryn gave his little sister the princess book he made for her in his own account.  It was really sweet.  Teryn had taken his camera and dressed up his sister to take photos of her for his book.  I love the story line he created... you'll just have to read it as he read it to her.  :o)

I love how Marin still carries it around with her and asks Teryn to read it to her again and again.  Today was the first day she asked someone else to read it to her.  Kynan is sweet.  However, it's now got Teryn geared up to do another book for her!  Thank goodness he can do this all on his own basic account on dad's computer and not on mine! :o) 

Now for my parents... what do you give your parents!?  Right.  They have everything.  Well, almost! :o)  If your a friend of mine on FB you'll see how big of cry babies my parents can be, especially my dad!  Need proof!?
Waaaa....  ok, they really do cry a lot, but I didn't think he would over this.   I didn't get to take any photos of them opening it either (imagine me not thinking about a camera!!)  but it was amazing.

My dad ALWAYS say's this saying everytime we have a family reunion dinner, get together dinner, or in just a crowd of people where food is involved!!  I decided to put it onto a canvas for them to hang in the kitchen. His reaction when he opened it was priceless.  As he carefully took off the bubble wrap and turned it over to read it the tears streamed down his face (not the reaction I expected for a simple canvas!) "This is amazing" he said, "a thick, heavy canvas, wrapped in Pine. Thank you!"   SAY WHAT!?  My Dad knows about this sort of thing!?  ok, well he does work with wood, and materials... ok "You're Welcome, and thanks for making me cry... AGAIN!"

So for mom?

how about a family proclamation book with photos of the entire family.  (please don't laugh, I was an ugly child...)  Again, this was another crying moment.  As each page turned, words were read, and tears followed.

Well now that I've had my 2nd crying fest, I shall go and wipe my tears.  I hope to hear about your Holiday Magic Moments soon.   Happy Holiday's everyone!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Pilot Program Underway! What do you think?

I'm excited to share that I've been chosen by the Heritage Makers home office to participate in a PILOT program.

I have chosen to ask for your input and thoughts about this new program. I'd like for you to take a few minutes and view the flyer below. Please let me know what you like, what's confusing, what's exciting, etc. I felt that I could get a better feel for how this may work by asking a variety of people.

You're receiving this because you fit one or more of the following client criteria (listed below). Based on what you see in the flyer, would you want to learn more about how this works?

This program works very well for anyone that;
1. You have wondered about Heritage Makers but wanted to try a project or 2 before investing in a points package
2. You have a low amount of credits & either have a basic or a premier account
3. You have a premier account & no credits left
4. You have thought about becoming a consultant but haven't yet
5. You publish many projects throughout the year
6. You're unable to purchase all your project ideas at once because it would cost too much (this breaks it down, helping you budget & plan!)

This Pilot Program is going through December 19th, so all comments are needed ASAP.

IN A NUTSHELL...there will be no more monthly specials, but rather, discounts that are constant throughout the year, depending on what TYPE of client you are (Click to review the flyer)

If any of the pricing/Clubs interest you, I'm able to process those orders only during the Pilot Program, so you'll need to call me before the 19th and we can add it to your account or start one for you. Placing orders helps home office rate interest.

Thanks for your help, orders, and feedback.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Minute gifts that DON'T LOOK Last Minute!

Need a great idea to "WOW" your gift recipient?  Check these out!

 a 20x24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas - for me of course, but then grandma saw it and wanted one like it, so BOY will she be surprised!!!  I don't think she reads my blog.... 
 8x8 Gallery Wrapped Canvas for kids - SO cute and also a fun way to put in their favorite sport or activity!! I linked these together  with ribbons.  This is a GREAT Fun size to arrange different  patterns on wall. :o)
 8x20 Gallery Wrapped Canvases - Put your favorite quote for sister, mom, friend...  SO Cute!!
I really love these canvases.  They are made with great and durable material.  The canvas is a lot thicker than other canvases I've felt or purchased.  If you're coming to a live Digi Crop this week you will be able to touch see and feel. :o) *see schedule below.

AND the best part of these great gifts is that YOU WILL get them back in time for Christmas if you publish by Dec 11th AND still save an additional 10%!! :o)
To see more great ideas click HERE -
Remember that the prices shown here are retail prices - to get the special pricing please contact me.  :o)

This weeks Events:
Tonight (Wed, Dec 8th)- Online class at 9pm - Click link to register:

Thursday - Dec 9th - LIVE "Mini" Digi Crop @ 9pm - my home, contact me for directions.

Saturday - Dec 11th:
3pm - Consultant Training @ my home. Come & learn about this fun and rewarding business that I do w/6 crazy monkeys & 1 wild ape!! :o) PLEASE RSVP.

5pm-11pm- DIGI CROP TIME
Immediately following Consultant Training, our Digi Crop will start. This month we have a smaller group due to holidays so I will be hosting it at my home. Come and finish up your last minute gifts & learn some new tips and tricks while working in Studio. This is strictly working, no selling event.
Please bring your own laptop/computer, a treat to share, oh and yes, PLEASE RSVP!!

I look forward to seeing you and helping you get your gifts ready!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Double Discounts on Canvases!

Only 22 days til Christmas!!
"Click and Give"  Sale  

Is your gift list getting smaller and smaller!?  I can help!! You're going to love the "Buy One, Get One Half Off" Canvas Sale AND it just got even better!

If you need a super-quick gift, check out the pre-designed canvases ready to order without further customization. They're fast, they're fabulous, and they are priced with both the "Buy One, Get One Half Off" and 10% off discounts. This "Click and Give" special is only available until December 11.

AND if you publish any size of canvas before December 11th you'll get an additional 10% off at checkout! Here we go again with the double discounts! PLUS, we've extended the UPS Ground shipping deadline For ALL Canvas to December 11th to get your Gift in time for Christmas, therefore, you don't have to pay extra for shipping!!  YEAH!!

Click here to see the fun projects you can order and publish in a SNAP!!

*Note: The extended deadline for UPS Ground shipping (Dec. 11) applies to canvases only.

Time to Get ready for that "Final Mile" to Christmas ~ Lets do it together!! :o)

Monday, November 29, 2010

CYBER Monday Special!

It's Cyber MONDAY!

What a Fantastic Day to Save up to 40% with our Exclusive Specials!
For today AND tomorrow (November 29& 30, 2010), respond back to me, letting me know the best time to contact you, and I'll help you fill your "Gift Giving" Goodie Bag!! :o)

Happy Holidays & Memory Making!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Door Buster DEALS!!

Ohhh, I LOVE a Great Deal - Been getting them ALL DAY!  And this is the PERFECT Gift for your "Picture Taker" in your family or circle of friends, the Scrapbooker, or even your Family Historian!!  :O)

This 25% off sale will be available from 12:01 am MST Friday, Nov. 26, through midnight Monday, Nov. 29. Swatch/flip books are perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers. Pricing is as follows:

7763 Square swatch/flip book(4) $59.85 ($14.96 each)

7764 Rectangle swatch/flip book(4) $53.85 (13.46 each)

Have an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!!

*check out previous posts for great swatch/flip book ideas!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Class Schedule!! :o)

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you have your projects all thought out, but just need a few tips to finish up? It's easier than you think!

As per request, to help you get ready for this holiday, I will have 2 online classes this week!

Tonight, I will walk you step by step through putting your pictures and stories together using Heritage Studio 3.0. Ask questions and get answers...LIVE! Get help with some of our advanced features like; My Projects Tab, Align, Distribute, etc, to help you create your projects with ease. 
Register at

Ready for more? Join me after all the hustle and bustle of our Thanksgiving Feast, as I sit down to relax with YOU at the computer and get our projects FINISHED for Christmas!! We will go through the basics of working with pictures, text boxes, and modifying templates right after Thanksgiving Dinner and end the class with a few advanced tricks to help you as well.

Start uploading your photos for your projects NOW, and I will see you online tonight, AND after the feast!

Thu, Nov 25, 2010 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM MST

Holiday Hits Week 4!!

ok, Yes, I know you wondering what happened to Holiday Hits Week 2 & 3 - I was on vacation... so I didn't post.  I'm sorry! But I'm back and going like crazy to catch up!!  SO here is Week 4!

NOVEMBER 21 - 27
  • Swatch/Flip Books
  • Square swatch/flip books
  • Playing Card Decks

For more amazing ideas visit my Template Gallery AND be sure to watch the 15 minute tutorial from Lynda about creating these great gift ideas!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Hits Week 1

So, have you been wondering what YOU are going to publish?  Here are some fun Ideas. :o)

Week One - Save 10% when you publish these items this week:  12x12 Post album, Individual Scrap Pages, Greeting Cards

I just created this 12x12 post bound album to hold my Christmas newsletters, cards, etc, from friends and family.  I usually display the cards, but after the holidays they all go into a shoebox or storage.  A friend of mine said she likes to put all of her Christmas greetings into an album and set it out each Christmas so they can read them each year.  So I though this is a GREAT way for me to display my Christmas greetings!  It was a CINCH to create! and yes, it's an orginal (I didn't steal) so feel free to tweek!

Cost $49.95 - Save 10% when you order from me, and an additional 10% when you publish this week! :o)

Other fun Ideas that are a snap to "steal" from the template Gallery.  TILES!  These make great Neighbor Gifts, friends or family gifts.  Simiply choose if you want to do 6x6 or another size.

Cost to make $2 per 6x6 tile, I retail at $5.95.
Supplies needed:  Cost of 1-12x12 pg - $4 (save 10% when you publish this week).  Cost of 1 6.5x6.5 Tile at Lowes... Less than $1.  Spray 
adhesive at walmart $6.
*More ideas in my Template Gallery!

And of Course we have our Greeting cards!

Post Cards and Greeting Cards are fantastic ways to send holiday greetings.  Contact me for the BEST Price - of course you'll get additional savings when you publish this week - we also offer Direct Shipping so you don't have to stuff, label and STAMP your greetings!!

To see more amazing Gift ideas CLICK HERE and scroll down to watch a variety of demo's by Lynda! :o)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm definitely in the Christmas mood and had to share that feeling on my blog!  Enjoy the new look and sounds!! :o)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Save BIG while staying on Track!!

Before you know it, you're going to blink, and then CHRISTMAS will be here!!  No worries, we've got some AMAZING Christmas Ideas AND a Planner to help you stay organized over the holiday rush!  So breath deeply and here we go! :o)

Holiday Hit's Special and PLANNER ~ 
designed to help you stay on track and SAVE $$!!  Can't get better than that!! :o)  If you publish and order specific products during the specific time periods - you will get an ADDITIONAL 10% off publishing - for example - to publish an 8x8 book you need to have $50 publishing points in your account - BUT when you publish your book at the specific time indicated below, they will only deduct $45 publishing points, saving you $5 to use towards another product!!!  So what would you use your $5 left over points for... LOTS of things, 11x14 poster, individual scrap pages - there are LOTS of ideas!!

You'll want to print out the planner and fill it out to help you keep track of when to publish.  We've also got our "Gotta Have it" special that will be continued through November so you can enjoy using premier artwork and great savings on your projects!  YEAH!

Stay tuned through out the weeks and see what amazing, time & money saving holiday gift ideas you'll get. :o)  Starting with week one
12x12 postbound albums, Poster Prints, individual Scrap pages, & Greeting Cards!

Thanksgiving 6x6 Tile

Count down to CHRISTMAS!

Stay on the look out for MORE to come!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Save 50% on Publishing Points - TODAY ONLY!

Oh, I LOVE it when I find out awesome ways to SAVE $$ for my clients and I.  Check out how we can get over 400 publishing points for $200.

Here’s how it works: 406 points for $200...
Purchase 2-100 invitation packages 99.95 each (value 179)
so for $200 you get 179 value twice=358 points.  then as a host you get 30pts for the $200 party and 15pts for the hostess gift and 3pts for the 5x7 attendee card. Plus you are eligible for the 1/2 price item!  (Aren't rewards great!?) Totaling your publishing points to $406!  Thats OVER 50% Savings!!

In addition to this amazing deal, you can save additionally when you publish with our Holiday Hits!
Each week get an additional 10% discount by publishing & ordering that item of the week. What's up first week in November?? Among other things, GREETING CARDS! Get your greeting card points NOW & save again by publishing next week!!

Lets Chat TODAY and get you hooked up!! :o)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Great to MISS!!!

Are you ready to do amazing Christmas Cards? Heritage Maker's has the best! They are all on sale until October 31st! Contact me and I can help you have the most beautiful Christmas Cards this year! Help in creating them... FREE!

 But WAIT!  That's not all!  October has MORE exciting options to help you get the best bang for your buck!

With our 3 amazing specials, you're SURE to find what you need:

 Best option in my point of view:

"Gotta Have IT!" Special

3 months of Premier
$150 publishing Points
For only $125!!  You Save $85 with this special and get ALL you need to complete your project!
*Specials expire Oct 31,2010.

 Don't delay, get the perfect package for YOU today!! :o)


ok, I admit I get nervous.  Especially when it comes to public BROADCASTING!!!  I consistantly have to step out of my comfort zone with this business, but it has helped me grow along the way, and best of all it shows my children that if Mommy can do it, they can!  But BROADCASTING!!  AHhhh!!  Well, I knew I had to conquer my fear, so I did it!


At the bridal fair last weekend I was asked to give a quick 3 to 5 minute interview with the beautiful Christine Heathman. She was SO much fun and helped me to feel VERY Relaxed.  It was fun.  To see what she had to say about the bridal fair click here

After my interview I was able to visit with some of the staff from KSTAR Radio and was asked to do another 12 minute interview with Kim Power Stilson.  Kim was AMAZING!  I actually met Kim at the bridal fair and I really enjoyed being interviewed by her the following Thursday after the event.  She and her wonderful co-host were LOTS of fun and helped me feel comfortable. Both Kim and my business's are very GREEN so it was exciting to see the connection we had with each other!

To learn more about this awesome Radio Station and what they do please visit their website.

October Bridal Fair!

I LOVE working at the Bridal Fair!!  It's so much fun to see everyone's excitement about "The BIG Day".  The vendors are awesome, the brides are giddy, and the groom to be... yes, even he, is happy to be!! :o)

As promised here is our SHOW SPECIAL!  

As you can see, you get:
  • 5 Storybook albums
  • a 16x20 GALLERY Wrapped Canvas
  • and MORE
For ONLY $260!!  It's a deal you CAN"T pass up!!

To see amazing Wedding ideas please visit my Template Gallery.  You'll LOVE all you can create and use! :o)
Contact me TODAY ~